Board of Directors

Information about our Board of Directors

As a private, not for profit organization we are governed by a Board of Directors. As written in the by-laws, this volunteer board is composed of a minimum 50% members age 55 or older and is elected to serve three year terms, serving no more than two consecutive terms. Each board member is appointed by the Board Chair to serve on a minimum of one of the following committees: Executive, Finance, Future Planning, Personnel and Policies, Property and Maintenance, Nominating, Program and Trip committees.

We have 14 board members who each bring a unique perspective to their service to our senior center. We have men and women with careers and experience ranging from finance and engineering to architecture and corporate work. We also have members of the non-profit and health communities serving us as well. As diverse as they are, their commonality is in their commitment to our center. They faithfully come to monthly meetings and are serious about our future and growth. As we all do, they believe in our mission and place in this community.

Our Board of Directors make themselves available to listen to our center’s participants’ thoughts and respond to their needs.

Board meetings are held every month throughout the year except during August and December. Annual Board Elections are held in April each year.


Board of Directors

Executive Director: Kim Robinson
Assistant Director: Jack Williams
Eleanor Stethers – Chair
Pam Stento – Vice-Chair
Jeff Greenblott – Treasurer
Susan Paredez – Secretary
Lucy Baker
Dorothy Blasko
Regina Blazey
Linda Garber
Amanda Giannone
William Hagopian
Mary Hess
Drenda Kudlac
Brian Peacock
Deborah Thorpe